Beauty for Ashes

There is a little girl sitting in front of me, not more than five years old and I wouldn’t want her growing up in a world far worse than it is now. Or at The least, I’d like to see Read more ›

Single Minded

We could never explain it but we all knew, each one of my friends, that there was something beautiful in solitude. Mind you, don’t confuse solitude with isolation, isolation destroys but solitude? It has the ability to renew, to rejuvenate, Read more ›

And I thought

When the day comes will you hide from me Cover the scars of betrayal with my bones when day whispers goodnight And night is a longing for day’s beginning. A longing for an end to the hot pursuit of chariots Read more ›

The Saints, the Prayers and the Great escape

Peter slept peacefully through most of the night. Although his arms were chained on either side of his head to the wall. The two guards who were guarding him were fast asleep as well. Not wanting to take any chances, Read more ›

Diary of an uncertain miss 9

I knock on Ndi’s door for the fifth time. There is no answer. Finally giving up, I decide to go back to my place. The walk is long and lonely. With no rush, I leisurely stroll through the streets with Read more ›

Diary of an uncertain miss 8

In chapter 8, we take a look at the history of Ndi and Angela’s relationship. What role did it play in their ordeal? Read more ›

The nativity scene

The high pitched sound of a tiny baby, clothed in the stack of hay He lay on, pierced through the cold calm air in the barn. One grey old donkey lounging on the brown grass at the corner of this Read more ›

Diary of an uncertain miss 7

So a few things; I would like to apologise for neglecting this story. I know it is quite intriguing and a few of you can relate to some of the character’s experiences. however I finally wrote this chapter.   A Read more ›

A short journey

This is just a short story I found from my old notebooks from high school. Not much of a plot but I like the way I described the scene. Enjoy. The blanket of white thick mist rests over the city; Read more ›

An empty soul

I woke up to an empty soul Filled with unanswered prayers and unmet expectations A soul that slept hopeful but Was drained by the nightmares of reality Because dreams do come true- But it’s not always the pleasant ones It Read more ›

It will all work out

It will all work out because My God has it all planned out From tomorrow’s mystery To yesterday’s failures And even today’s challenges It will all Work out because My God has it all planned out From before time, All Read more ›

A heart stained life

“Come, I want to show you something.” I told her as I grabbed her hand and we hurried to the other side of campus. Unable to keep up with my strides, she broke free and stopped. I came to a Read more ›