What if happily ever after was never for you?

We met on the corner of Deceit and Smooth street
Her decisive saunter through the side walk immediately grabbed my attention
She was nothing less than a walking goddess – to say the least

My mind didn’t ponder at all about my next move
I was seeing my dream come true across the street
and only talking to her would wake me up

So I approached…

Through years of rejection and humiliation
I had mastered the art of conversation with the female species
They were quite complex but they happened to be emotional creatures
And being in touch with their emotions meant renting a room in their heart
Quite an expensive room (might I add)

I said ‘hi’
Just like the female lead role in a romantic movie meeting the protagonist for the first time,
a smile emerged from her gorgeous face that made all her surroundings fade away
and with the voice of an angel,
She responded with a ‘hi’ 

My ignorant, egotistical mind failed to realize that this was the start of a war I was bound to lose!
After all,
if she was a true goddess, I would have needed more than charm to peak her interest

We went on dates
Or as she called it, “adventures”
Not long after we bought a ship and named it Relation
But we weren’t good sailors and the calm waters we were still in fooled us into thinking that we could sail smoothly through rough seas

She was a dreamer;
I was a realitor
And I sold her dreams of a perfect life and that she could only find a perfect soul when she looked into my eyes
She wasn’t any where near perfection herself but she kept looking to my words for reference

The honeymoon phase was soon phased away by the waves as we left the safety of the shore to embark on more “serious adventures”
We soon crossed that line that was only meant for skillful sailors

Charm can get you by for fifteen minutes but after that,
you better know something;
That is a lesson I had to learn in the heart of a storm that was going to topple over our ship

She looked to me for rescue
but I was as clueless as a tiger stranded in the sea
(Talk about a day in the life of Pi)
So the winds battered and dragged us further into unfamiliar seas
However, even with the little knowledge we had, we managed to stay afloat and survive the storm

But after such an experience,
You realize that what you assumed would be awesome memories and lots of fun,
Has landed you in the middle of an ocean named confusion – leaving you stranded with a mistress you hardly knew

Can somebody come save us?

The storm may be over and the sun may be shining,
but our hearts have darkened.
We both realized that we weren’t the people we claimed to be
We weren’t honest about our lies and now we lay on a broken ship that was on the brink of sinking because of this unexpected unmet expectations

Can somebody come save us?

When I signed this contract I was too excited about the benefits,
I didn’t even bother to read the terms and conditions
and I unknowingly fell into a breach of contract
But ignorance can never pardon us from the consequences of our actions

So we waited on the ship –
She waited for rescue,
but I knew that none was coming! so for me,
it was just to see how long before the water swallowed us
At least Rose survived the Titanic

This Relationship had no life-boat to fall back on
We thought we were going to be together forever,
I guess We forgot to check the package for an expiry date
Which had sailed past

Like the five virgins who did not take enough oil,
we didn’t have any extra food because we never imagined we would end up in an ocean drifting  to “know where”
Our hearts slowly starved for lack of love and hatred was the only available meal

This was no longer a game
When she saw through my compliments and Smooth talk
She realized that I was all swag and no substance
She blamed me for making her think my name was Prince Charming

How can I be responsible for her gullibility?
She is the one that decided to walk down that street strutting her curves and thinking she could get any man she wanted

Don’t we get what we deserve?
Rather don’t we get what we attract?
She attracted a wolf she wasn’t ready to feed
I attracted an elephant I would never be able to fit into my world

I soon gave up on ever seeing land again!
However she stood up in excitement
From the distance came another ship

Hope shot up like a world war two missile launching
However the closer the ship got, the more she apologized
It only made sense when the ship arrived

It turns out that this goddess owned several RelationShips!
I always considered myself a player
but she must have been the coach

As she climbed onto the other ship to be with her other Prince Charming,
She left without leaving my heart behind
I watched them sail away as I waited for the sea to swallow me
If love is a game
I guess I lost this round

What do you think?