We are often quick to judge without first examining ourselves. it is often difficult to find a man with a clear conscious but Jesus clears our conscious.

Rushing past the two thick wide marble pillars, they drag her by the hair. Her soft sobs of pain are barely audible as her body forms a trail of dust behind. With their wide white robes and long beards engulfing half their faces they stop a distance from Him. One of them tosses the woman onto the dusty hot ground in front of them.

The blazing sun gazes at the scene that unfolds below it with it’s scorching blades of heat. The woman trembles with fear as her tears evaporate as soon as they hit the ground. The men face Him. He stands there, as calm as the cool air on a summer night. Looking at them knowingly, He waits for them to speak.

Sweat trails down their hairy hands as they each clutch  stones on their right hands. A smirk covers most of their faces as if they have caught the prey they have being so vigorously hunting. One of them takes a step forward. The woman lowers her anguished face to the ground as she realises that this is her last day of breathing.

“This woman was caught sleeping with a married man.” One of the man says in a confident voice while staring at Him, “The law of Moses commands us to stone her to death.”

Jesus unexpectedly bends down and writes on the ground. They all stare at Him in confusion. Losing their patience, one of them shouts, “We are commanded to stone her to death! We cannot disobey the law.” An uproar of shouts crack through the tense air.

Regally rising to His feet, Jesus looks at them once again, “Let Him who has never sinned throw the first stone.” Jesus calmly says. He proceeds to bend down again and write on the ground.

Silence suddenly floods the atmosphere. For a moment no one moves. Their faces are all washed with shock and then a moment later replaced with anger. A stone plunges to the ground followed by another. One after the other, the men walk away in defeat while the stones pile on the ground indifferent of the high temperature.

By the time Jesus stands straight up again, only Him and the woman are left. “No one condemned you?” He asks compassionately looking at the woman. She weakly nods her head. “Well neither will I.” Jesus replies with a loving smile on His face. “Go on then and sin no more.” He commands.

Her anguish is flushed out from her face as relief sparkles in her teary eyes. Slowly rising to her feet she dusts herself off. She gratefully thanks Him and proceeds to leave the Temple.

Agape – the love of God for mankind

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