I woke up to an empty soul
Filled with unanswered prayers
and unmet expectations

A soul that slept hopeful but
Was drained by the nightmares of reality
Because dreams do come true-
But it’s not always the pleasant ones

It turns out that nightmares can give birth to children of doom
Just as much as sweet dreams will feed a hopeful future

So my soul was starved off it’s nutrients
It was pregnant with promises of a hope and a future
But because I neglected it like a drugged enslaved mother who could not care less about the state of her children’s health;
Tomorrow was aborted

I let my soul wander into places it was never meant to find
While I aimed to satisfy my desire driven flesh
That had a bottomless hole where it threw in all the pleasures I fed it

I woke up to an empty soul
A soul that was bred a Giver
But because it strayed too far from the living water
It is now being subdued by famine,
And so what was created to be a life Giver;
becomes a life taker
Like a black hole destroying all that came close to it;
My soul became a cause of pain when it is a healer at heart

If faith leads to life
Then this doubts can only lead me to the grave!
I always sailed with the wind, sometimes against it
But now I’m just drifting into oblivion
Forgetting that Heaven isn’t the only final destination
A deadly drift leading to a deserted death

If I’m not growing, then I must be dying;
I’m dying to live

Yet in the midst of my disobedience
My Maker promises to give me a new heart
and to put a new Spirit in me

A Spirit that sings songs of joy every morning
Grateful for new mercies daily
A spirit that sees past people’s immaturity and insecurities and aims to meet their deepest needs instead

He promises to restore the joy of His salvation
So I rejoice in the mess
Because God is going to make it a message of hope

I kept running away from Him but He always ran ahead of me to make sure I was safe and clear the path
Now at the end of me, I found Him waiting with arms wide open

Because He is faithful, even when I am unfaithful
Whenever I stray too far from His presence
He is always waiting for my return
Like the Father waited for His prodigal son

No matter how far I may go,
I always find my way back into His arms
Because there is no other place where my soul is satisfied than at the feet of it’s Creator.

What do you think?