When the day comes will you hide from me
Cover the scars of betrayal with my bones when day whispers goodnight
And night is a longing for day’s beginning. A longing for an end to the hot pursuit of chariots hunting you like a lion seeking out its prey.
Would you be done holding Pharaoh’s armour and join my soul at the bottom of the red sea
I fear that when the day comes you will be on the other side when exodus narrows it’s tooth to separate my side from yours

Hi. My name is obedience and I am a river flowing into an ocean never to fill it. You are the raging sea too salty to grow on pastured soil; too complacent to believe in the promise of forever.
When the day boils over into the uncertainty of new territory, it becomes
The aftermath of freedom. Free slaves your become, shackled minds you remain your independence is too much to bear and the kernel of your desires becomes the whips and chains of heartless masters – let go, my love. Life is not a potion. Not a magic concoction to press your identity into the abyss.
So hold my hand
And walk with me as we venture into the favor of abundance
My staff may be one
But it yields the Authority of the One
So let go.

Betrayal is the remnants of dust on your tongue do not let it dry you out before the day comes.
It is here, the living water
The word of God
Come, come back you who have hidden behind the mask of shame
Who think there is no gain
Salvation sees no guilt on you
Be free

Let your minds remind you of your victory
Because when He said that it is finished
The earth trembled to shake loose the bolts on your destiny He was calling for your certainty because love, love doesn’t move you from your home unless there is better. This is better.
I say to you, when the day comes
Will you plunge beneath
Will your body disentegrate into the flames of hell or will you join me on mount zion- gazing at the face of the Father.

I thought you would.


Written by Nandi Mtonga

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