Single Minded

We could never explain it but we all knew, each one of my friends, that there was something beautiful in solitude. Mind you, don’t confuse solitude with isolation, isolation destroys but solitude? It has the ability to renew, to rejuvenate, Read more ›

An empty soul

I woke up to an empty soul Filled with unanswered prayers and unmet expectations A soul that slept hopeful but Was drained by the nightmares of reality Because dreams do come true- But it’s not always the pleasant ones It Read more ›

It will all work out

It will all work out because My God has it all planned out From tomorrow’s mystery To yesterday’s failures And even today’s challenges It will all Work out because My God has it all planned out From before time, All Read more ›

Eternal pain

I’ve learnt that time doesn’t heal the wounds, all it does is just pass. It can’t diminish the pain either! The pain remains, it’s just that, over the course of time, the pain makes itself comfortable in our hearts We Read more ›

the Great traveller

I have scoured the seven seas I have discovered priceless treasures in places conceived in dreams I have traveled through the depths of the cosmos Uncovering the numerous mysteries hidden in the vast open space I have ventured into more Read more ›


Blinded by the facade that what I write are just words But Christ shows me that my words are a sword The weapon that slashes negative mindsets _ Breaks mind forged manacles! The light that floods out the darkness Is Read more ›

A heart for eternity

She was often vulnerable yet her guard was never down she’d make you feel at home without opening her heart to you a welcome mat that led to the backyard of her heart instead of the lounge But I wasn’t Read more ›


I venture on a vague endless road The type which has no return path My unlearned mind unable to comprehend the trials that lie ahead Unknown to the knowledge of travel, I aimlessly move forward My destination unknown, my path Read more ›

if only

If only you knew who you were You wouldn’t be dressing provocatively to grab the attention of men Because you already have the full attention of the one true Man Who was, and is and is to come If only Read more ›

The Valley of dry bones

The Valley of the dry bones An amazing story found in Ezekiel 37… I used to read it and think the Israelites were stupid, until recently¬† A friend asked a while back,¬† “Alphie, if we serve such a great God, Read more ›