Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 1


She cautiously puts in the key. Rushing to her side, I tell her I left my window open so it was probably the wind. However she is indifferent to my explanation as she turns the knob. The door gradually creeks open, she steps into the tiny bedroom; surveying the room from my messy table with books scattered on top, to the laundry basket that stands between the table and single bed to the wardrobe. She walks to the wardrobe, opens it but only finds clothes. I sigh. She turns to me as I stand at the door. As she is about to exit the room, we hear a sneeze. Her head jerks to the bed where James finally emerges from under the bed. He freezes when his eyes fall on Ndivuwho. Likewise Ndivuwho appears stunned to see him.

“Thabo…” She utters. “You know him?” I ask bewildered. Nodding slowly, Ndivuwho keeps her eyes on a shocked James who murmurs something inaudible. He finally takes a step towards her but she runs out of the room. A moment later I hear the front door close with a bang. James walks out of the room and I tail him.

“Do you mind explaining what is going on?” I shout at James. However he ignores my question. He briefly paces around the room in frustration.

“Can you please give me her numbers?” He requests, “For what? You haven’t even explained” without answering me, he looks around the lounge, sees my phone on the sofa and grabs it. He starts browsing through my contacts. With my anger rapidly building up, I snatch the phone from his hand. He angrily stares at me.

“Are you going to answer me?” He looks away. “You wouldn’t understand. How do you even know her anyway?” He barks. Although I am still dumbfounded by everything that just occurred, I finally explode.

“What do you mean how do I know her? I should be asking you that question and why did she call you Thabo? Have you being lying to me? Who are you?”

“Why don’t you ask your friend?” He shouts back. We glare at each other for a moment. He breaks eye contact, walks to the door then softly apologises before leaving. With my weak knees finally giving up, I collapse onto the cold white tiles; my mind burdened with questions. I close my eyes while tears gradually trail down my cheeks. What have I done? What is going on?

“Angela, wake up.” Someone whispers as they nudge my shoulder. I groggily open my eyes to see my flatmate, Thandeka, kneeling next to me. She helps me onto my feet questioning me about the tear trails on my face and choice of sleeping arrangement.

“Thandi, I had a terrible nightmare hey” I say while stretching my arms. I casually explain to her how I dreamt of my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. Laughing insouciantly as she gets up, she tells me that I am just being paranoid over James again. The memories of the past couple of hours suddenly flood my mind as I remember everything that has unfolded. I take my phone out and dial Ndivuwho’s number.

“The number you have called is currently unavailable, please try again later!”

To be continued…

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