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So a good friend of mine posts funny stats on facebook. I picked my favourites (in no particular order) and decided to post them.

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P.S- Some of them have an age restriction, so have your ID close by

I am a 19 year old boy by the name of Ofentse Moeketsi Mogoatlhe. I may not know what Moeketsi or Mogoatlhe mean, but I do know what Ofentse means. It pretty much means “Victor”  in Setswana. “He won.”- that’s what my name directly translates to.

So shout out to my parents for 19 years of false hope… I’ve played Lotto, Yebo Millionares, etc… And “He won” has not won any of those games… Ai.


If I could be anyone I’d choose to be the guy that I am in my dreams, that guy never sleeps.

The thing with communicating with your partner with a walkie talkie is that after the conversation you never really know if you broke up or not. “Over.”

You know what’s really painful?? It’s when she sends you a “please call ITS OVER”… Shortly after you bought her airtime!



Plot Twist: Pepsi inside a 1.25L bottle of Lemon Twist.

It should be called Eet+SUM+Mor instead of Eet-Sum-Mor!

I saw a Facebook post a few moments ago. It was a picture of a little girl holding a sign which read “My Daddy Said IF I get 10,000 likes He will quit smoking!!” The post was on 402,154 likes when I saw it.

So shout out to the people that liked it, because now the kid’s post was futile…because people failed to follow instructions…. mxm.


Ae some people are funny… Motho wa teng o s’gova train every day, mara ashu he’s busy complaining about petrol prices!!

Subtitles: Some people are funny… They use the train every day but still complain about petrol prices


The thing with dating a deaf girl is that you never really know if she’s giving you the silent treatment or not.


I was watching TV earlier today, and I saw a bunch of adverts… I saw a Heineken advert. And at the bottom of the advert it read.. “Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.” Later on during the day I saw a Black Label advert, and at the bottom of the advert it read.. “Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.”

Shortly after that I saw a Savannah advert. And at the bottom of the advert it read.. “Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.” And I’m sitting here thinking, why anyone hasn’t named their alcoholic beverage “Responsibly”; they wouldn’t even have to make an advert.


“Moeketsi, this relationship needs some romance” she said. Being the thoughtful guy that I am, I did what any normal gentleman would do… I bought her a Roman’s Pizza the following day. We haven’t talked since… I wonder why…


#FunFact: The direct Setswana translation of Sunday is “Letsatsi-Letsatsi”

– Solving maths problems without a calculator… I guess it’s the thought that counts!

Saw myself on TV earlier today… I should dust it more often!

#WastedJoke 1 of 2

If tooth fairies were real coloured people would be rich.

“Moeketsi, you know what I like about you?” she said…

“Yes, but personally I prefer How I Met your Mother” I replied

You know that feeling when you’re watching some game show and the host says “AAAAAAND THE WINNER IS………going to be announced after the break”?? Yeah, that’s what it feels like when “is typing a message” on WhatsApp changes to “Last Seen today at 8:53”

Which one is your favourite?

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