I wanted her to be my queen but I didn't quite fit the shoes of a king

I always wanted those moments
Where I wrap my arm around your waist,
You rest your head on my shoulder,
And we just gaze at the adventures we’ve being through
and the memories we have created!

I look at you
And wish things were different
Sure we have our differences
And we live on different planets;
Actually, I think we are from different galaxies
That collided through a cosmic intersection
As stars from distant infinities met for the first time
To create a spectacular supernova

But this is no fairy tale.
You never lost your glass slipper right before midnight
and I have never needed the kiss of a princess
in order to become a prince

if this was a Disney movie,
It would probably never hit the box office
because we never did fit the criteria for a perfect love story
You were never a damsel in distress
And I’ve never being the knight in shining armour
nor had a horse to carry me through the wind –
Just a young man, trying to make sense of an irrational world

Our story was worse than Romeo and Juliet’s
Our love was aborted even before we gave birth to it

It’s alright though
Like all great tragedies
Ours was never meant to end in a happily ever after
Rather we found our imperfections became our limitations
Our faults were far from being flawless
We tried to define love based on how we felt

Like a dying star
Our emotions collapsed into us
The foundation we lay failed to hold us up
So as this house comes crumbling down
Here is to our happily never after…

What do you think?