Her heart was an open door with a welcome mat on the floor
She never had a father to teach her that not every man was welcome
So they entered and left as they pleased,

Often leaving the walls of her heart tainted with broken promises, false hope and a superficial love
that seemed to be produced in China by exploited young children working in old worn out polluted factories

And since out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
She uttered curses to all she hated
Her river mouth flowed with poisonous words that choked all who believed them

She engineered the phrase,
“All men are the same!”
Because she always picked up men from the same club and always tripped over the same lies;
hoping that one of their words would contain substance
But each relationship was as empty as the compliments that spewed out of their mouth

It was not long before she accepted her circumstance-
It is an imperfect world after all;
so who was she to expect anything good to grow
from the infertile soil that always produced weeds but never fruits

It’s no wonder she was dumbfounded when she met Him;
He had an unfamiliar character and handled her as if she was a queen.
That is why she fled as soon as He told her she was worth more than the make up she used to make up her mind about how beautiful she was

Yet He pursued her.
He portrayed a form of love that she could not fathom
It was the first time a man asked her to open up her heart before her legs.
He made her feel significant and apologised for all the previous men as if He knew them
Reassuring her that Hope had arrived

For the first time in her life,
She was wanted for more than physical needs
and she heard words that were full of substance, purpose and love

He told her He knew her before she was formed in Her mother’s womb
“So why did you allow me to go through all that?”
She would ask.
“Because those who were meant to raise you, abandoned you,
Those I sent to speak about me only used you for their own selfish desires.”

So He came Himself,
He tore down her vandalised worn out heart and built a new one –
with Him as the foundation,
His Grace were the walls and His blood, the paint.
He gave her a Helper who would protect, guide and love her every second of the day

and He said,
“Go and find those who are burdened and broken. Tell them about the love you have found so they may find rest, just as you did.”

So she searched
For those who were searching for the Love that found her.
She spoke and many believed.
Lives were renewed, trust was restored
and the hollow men that once roamed the barren land
Were Slowly replaced by life giving fountains that knew that love was alive,
that Love was Him!


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