Did you count the cost of life before you lived?
  1. I committed suicide last week…
    Shocking isn’t it?
    I sometimes wonder how I even got
    the guts to commit such a tragic act.

What I find most ironic about this,
Is that I criticised the student and lecturer for jumping off the Humanities Building

But Just like them,
I knocked on death’s door
Instead of waiting for an invite like everyone else
and Being the kind hearted person he is;
He let me in with arms wide open

I may claim that life was too hard or that there was no way out of my dreaded circumstances
But that would be simply a lie
After all, I am a christian
There’s nothing we can’t overcome

Yet I chose death’s address as my last destination
Instead of eternal life
Sad if you think about it

Could you blame me?
This journey wasn’t what I was promised
Like those 30 second adverts that we are bombarded by on our TV sets;

I was promised heaven on earth.
I was told that all my problems would go away
That that was just the starter
Riches would be my main course
And a bright future would be served for dessert

Boy was I glad to know that my dreams would be handed to me on a silver platter
All I had to do was sit back, believe and watch it unfold

But as most of our goals go
Reality dragged me back into raw facts
I quickly found out that
I had not entered paradise!
I blindly enrolled into a war no one bothered to mention when I was signing the contract

It’s no wonder I failed to take my gun into the war zone,
And throwing bullets proved to be ineffective!
It became apparent that joining this army made a fallen angel mad

I never had any beef with him,
But now I’m dead meat because I never took him seriously.
He even gave me directions when I decided to visit death

Just don’t expect a happy ending to this story
Maybe a lesson if you are willing to learn

If you don’t count the cost of following Christ
You will find yourself losing more than you budgeted for

I’m the only one to blame for this predicament
I listened to the pastor but never read the bible,
It’s no wonder the plot twist to the fairy tales he told me left me shocked

What do you think?