How well do you know her?

I prayed for her long before I ever laid my eyes on her
We sat for hours having cosmic conversations ages before I ever heard her voice for the first time

She had a pure heart,
a heart willing to learn and love
She encompassed the mysteries of life within her
And held the seed of tomorrow

We wept together in trials and rejoiced together in triumph
I knew her before I ever knew her name
I knew her thoughts, her desires, her fears and her faith
Her tears and her gait

She wasn’t always persistent but she remained faithful,
Far from perfect but more than enough
I identified her worth long before I could ever identify her face

Her identity was no secret to me
Yet she remained a stranger, long before she was ever a familiar presence in the room
She smiled with joy and rested in inexplicable peace
She was filled to the bream with hope and her faith overflowed!

Her name is irrelevant at the moment
Because who she is holds more weight
She is a child of the most High
A queen from a world much greater than our own
She is royalty, a rose amongst thorns
She is to die for
A cross between heaven and earth;
Heavenly qualities packaged into an earthly body

And although other men could admire her face
I knew the beauty of her soul
Although they could converse with her physically
I spoke to her soul daily

I am yet to meet her
But she speaks to me
I still haven’t held her
Yet she lays in my arms daily

She rests in the same realm I find my calm in
Her Spirit and mine are one
The same Holy Spirit that lives in her, lives in me
The same Holy Spirit that comforts her, comforts me
The same Holy Spirit that guides her, guides me
So I know that one day,
He will guide me to her

What do you think?