failure is a prerequisite to success and impossible is an old age myth

We live on the edge of the impossible

When people speak of us

I hope they call us successful failures


For we have mastered the art of failing so well

We can identify it a mile away…

Even if it’s scent is indistinguishable


So when someone asks why we are such a success

Tell them that we moved into the abandoned shack of catastrophe

And built a mansion on it


We have being rejected by people countless times

But our God always has the final say

The institutions have classified us as unqualified to excel

That is the very reason we outshine


For our God is a Champion

Victory flows within our veins

He moulds our lives


So when they ask who we are

Tell them we are the ones that form new paths

To new possibilities,

Tell them we are the misfits, who dare to step into the unknown

So others may know


If it ever feels impossible

Remember: I M POSSIBLE

So when they ask who we are

Don’t be afraid to tell them that we are the servants of the Maker

Because we pioneer the future



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