‎I pace up and down the waiting room; anxiously waiting for the doctor to return. Never in a million years did I think it would escalate to such a level. At first I thought I could control it. It seemed minor and yet here I was, at the brink of death as I contemplated the different possible outcomes.

The door leading to ICU swings open. A man, drenched in a white coat that immediately identifies him as the doctor, hurries towards me. With a notebook on his right hand and his eyes fixed on the contents of it, he flips through the pages with his other hand.

“Mr Shikwambana I assume?” He asks in an authoritative voice once his eyes jot towards mine. After I cautiously nod he continues.

“We have managed to get your spirit under control but this is a serious matter. If you had wasted anymore time, your spirit would have died. Fortunately you got here just in time.”

My anxiety finally plummets down. With a sigh of relief, I ask the doctor what was wrong.

“Well, It seems like your spirit was indulging in sin. This would normally not be a problem for someone who is canal -however- in your case, we found high dosages of the blood of Jesus Christ. Hence when your spirit chose sin over obedience, this created a lethal combination when the blood and sin mixed.”

“Why is that?” I asked curiously, confused by the long explanation. He sat me down, with a sure voice, he confirmed what I dreaded.

“The fact of the matter is; The blood of Jesus Christ recognises sin as a foreign substance, just like white blood cells will attack any bacteria that enters the body; so the blood of Jesus Christ started clotting up when the sin entered. This slowly blocked vital organs, which is why you did not notice until it was near fatal.”

“Well what can we do?” I quickly ask as the doctor looks at me briefly, his eyes full of concern.

“Sir, we have two choices. It’s either we drain the blood of Jesus Christ which will leave your spirit numb to sin; meaning you can indulge in it as much as you want.” He says with a sure voice then continues.”

“Or we can try and purify the blood, a rather expensive and risky job. I think it is best to drain the blood of Jesus Christ in order to avoid anymore future sanctification.”

I stare at him for a moment, perplexed by the options presented to me. Hastily considering both options, I wonder what the consequences of this decision will be.

“Will I still be able to talk to Jesus if you drain His blood?” I ask uncertain. My question seems to surprise the doctor as he stares back at me bewildered.

“That’s a tricky situation Mr Shikwambana.” He replies after a brief moment of silence, “The problem is, without His Grace and Mercy, which are hormones in His blood that stimulate fellowship with Him, you can not sustain true communication with Him. But I assure you that for the time being, you should be fine without the blood.”

“I’ve never gone a day in my life without the Grace of Jesus!” I blurt out in astonishment. “Please try and cleanse the blood.”

The doctor gazes at his notebook, his face consumed with deep consideration. He asks if I can afford that. My hope suddenly comes crashing down as I realise that I can not.

When he sees the misery that washes over my face, he asks, “Aren’t you covered by Christ’s death? It covers all the procedures that will take place.”

It suddenly dawns on me that because I’m saved, my soul is insured. I jump to my feet and dig through my pockets and finally find the Prayer of Repentance I have being ignoring lately. When I give it to the doctor, he takes a look at the card.

“Oh, you are Palm 51 member! I didn’t know you had accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour.” He says surprised, “I apologise for the inconvenience I put you through, we will get started right away.”

He rushes past the door once again. Finally calming down, I sigh a “thank you Lord” knowing that everything is going to be alright. I chuckle a bit as I consider all the trouble I would have avoided if only I had remembered from the start that I am saved.

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