I believe the title speaks for itself

Life is not perfect
That’s how things should be
Some days are bad
And some are good

You lose some
And you win some
We will always make mistakes
And we won’t always say the right things

Most times we find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time Although we are usually with the right people

Even the wrong people we come across teach us that every interaction is a lesson –
No matter how painful

What I’m trying to say is;
Life is not perfect
That’s how things should be
So let’s stop trying to make everything work
Not everything needs to be well thought out
Nor do we have to find perfect people

Let’s learn to embrace the beauty of this messy, unpredictable, adventurous journey we call life

Everyone will hurt you
But it doesn’t mean they all hate you
Mistakes will be made and words will be said
Battles will be fought and arguments will ensure
But it’s in our imperfections that we find our humanity

What do you think?