This is dedicated to my Afrikaans high school teacher who passed away last year

We have a finite number of days on this earth!
We may avoid pondering on that fact
But it is true anyway

And in those days,
We have the opportunity to live, impact and change

Many may Call her unconventional,
Others may say she was a great teacher
And yet a few may feel she was strict,
After all, she never accepted nonsense
or our Afrikaans essays if they had English words in them
All I know is;
She was our mother

One of the few teachers who did not teach because it was her job,
But because it was her passion
We were not just her students but her many children

Although we often did not do our homework
Or listened to every word she uttered,
She still loved us with a motherly affection

It’s no wonder we felt at home in her class
Or we were excited to see her outside class

We were sent to School to acquire knowledge
But we also found love in her arms
She became our conductor when we wanted to start a choir
and our mentor when we needed to make a decision

There’s a lot to be said of the influence she had in each of our lives
But words would be inadequate to describe the level of impact she had in our hearts

So all that remains is to be joyful to have known her.
Her kindness, discipline and guidance
Was a blessing in our School

So just as she showed us love,
We shall love others
Her guidance shall be our map as we navigate the ‘grown up’ life
And we shall be a shoulder to cry on for all who need one –
Just as she demonstrated

Her legacy shall remain in our hearts
And it shall be shown in our deeds
Our words will echo her love!
Just as she was a gift to us,
we will be a gift to others

May her soul rest in Peace

What do you think?