The scene around me was unbelievable. A long queue of people stood in front of me, likewise behind me. Nothing but white could be seen around me; the white emptiness extended as far as the eye could see.

Up ahead the long queue was a great white throne. Someone was sitting on it. His face gleamed like such precious stones as jasper and carnelian. A rainbow that shone like emerald encircled the throne. Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other smaller thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders. They were dressed in white robes and had crowns of gold on their heads.

Flashes of lightning came from the great white throne, rumblings and peals of thunder were felt all around the throne. In front of it stood seven burning lit torches, side by side. Right below them was what looked like a sea of glass, as clear as crystal.

Surrounding the great throne on each of its side were four living creatures. Flying right above the throne with their six wings, their bodies were covered with eyes. The first creature in front of the throne looked like a lion; the second creature on the left of the throne resembled a bull; the third behind the throne had a face like a human; and the fourth on the right side of the throne resembled an eagle in flight.

“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God almighty, who was, who is, and who is to come!”

Proclaimed the creatures as they flew harmoniously around the great throne. Meanwhile the twenty-four elders fell down before the one who sat on the great throne, kneeling down , they worshipped Him. Throwing their crowns down in front of the great throne, they declared,

“Our Lord and God! You are worthy to receive glory, honour, and power. For you created all things, and by your will they were given existence and life.”

Observing all this, I became ignorant of the shortening queue in front of me. There were now only three people ahead of me. The man at the front of the queue was wearing a black business suit. His hair was trimmed and a gold ring hung from his thumb on his right hand. Looking ahead, I could only see his back.

There stood an elder in front of the man. He towered over the man and a white robe covered him. He was holding an old leather book and two other small books were suspend in the air on his right.

Looking at the man in front of him, he opened the leather book. The man stated his name. Going through the book page by page, the elder seemed to be looking for the man’s name; he did not find it. Two bright angels appeared abruptly, hovering above the man. Their white robes are as white as milk; their gender was indistinguishable. Grabbing the man by his shoulders, they dragged him to the far left of the elder.

A hole appeared out of the white emptiness. Inside the hole was a lake of fire, brimstone floating all around. Anguished People could be seen in the lake burning with worms coming out of their flesh; others were screaming because they were not consumed by the fire but it seemed to burn them nonetheless.

Terror swept through the man’s face as he started begging the angels not to throw him in. However his pleas were futile as they chucked him in. As quickly as it had appeared, the hole vanished along with the man.

With only one person left before it was my turn, my palms suddenly became wet and sweat dripped down my forehead. The woman just ahead of me was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and her black hair hanged on her shoulders.

She stated her name. The tension seemed to increase as the two angels approached her. The leather book was opened. The elder browsed through the book. He paused and smiled. The two books on the elder’s right started flipping their pages.

Observing all this, my heart became heavy. Flashes of lightning could still be heard from the great white throne behind the elder. Questions flooded my mind.

“Had I been a good person? Where was I going to spend eternity? Was my life well spent?”

Another hole appeared on the right side. Inside it was a great city. It shone like precious stone, like jasper, clear as crystal. There was a great, high wall with twelve gates made of jasper in the city, an angel in charge of each one. The magnificent city itself was adorned in pure gold; the streets were as clear as crystal. Great mansions filled the city. A river, sparkling like crystal, flowed through the middle of the city’s streets. On each side of the river were trees bearing different fruits. The people living in the city were all clothed in white and joy filled the city.

“You have run the full race, you have kept the faith. Now you shall dwell with the most high, the Alpha and Omega – forever.”

Declared the elder while smiling upon the woman. Streams of joyful tears ran down her cheeks as the two angels escorted her to the hole and it disappeared after she stepped in.

I took a step forward. The elder’s eyes pierced through me. Like a matric student about to hear their results, my mind raced through the possibilities. There were two holes that lead to different eternities. I pondered which one I would end up in. I kept questioning whether I had lived a good and holy life.

“State your name.”

The elder roared. I took in a deep breath and stared at the elder. It seemed like everything I had done in my life all amounted to nothing. All the wealth I had acquired did not matter; my lifelong friends were nowhere to be found and all my success was absent.

“Alphie Shikwambana!”

I nervously said. The leather book was opened. The pages flipped. This was going to be the end or beginning.

“Why do you deserve to go to heaven?”

The elder asked.

“Uhm, I went to church every Sunday, I read my bible daily and I gave to the poor.”

“Even the devil did that and look where it got him. It is useless to do all that if you did not believe in the redeemer. The saviour never knew you, unfortunately it is too late to start knowing Him now.”

The hole to the left abruptly opened, the two angels appeared right above me and my heart sank. Terror filled my heart as I began to protest

Grabbing me, they dragged me to the hole, I tried to break free but they seemed to have the strength of Solomon. Tears streamed down my face as I realised that I was condemned.


A distant voice called.

“Alphie its time to go to school.”

The angels vanished as the Great throne and elder faded out of sight. I opened my eyes. Gaining my focus again, I noticed I was lying on my bed. My heart was thudding against my chest while sweat dripped on to the pillow. It was all a dream.

Bursting through the door, my little brother jumped on to the bed with a grin on his face.

I sighed. I still had a chance to believe.

Certain scenes were taken from Revelations – chapter 4 to 6

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