Dear Black Son. Your skin is frightening, do you even deserve to live? Black lives matter

Dear Black Son

I don’t know whether to congratulate you on your new life or feel pity for you
For you have entered a world that is designed to ridicule you
It’s as if being born with a darker pigment is a crime
And trust me, you will serve the time
Excuse the cliché but it’s true
Because society’s eyes will always be fixed on your skin colour

You will be considered less human because you are less lighter than the European.
Because in this world,
Beauty has being defined as a lack of pigment, blue eyes and small lips,
Any other variations are considered heresy

Just ask Hitler…

We say Hitler was evil for trying to eliminate the “undesirables”
But at least they died with their identity still intact.
Today, it’s much worse,
Do you know that you are civilization’s pioneers?
Have you noticed that whenever the Bible mentions you, you are royalty?
Hitler would be proud if he saw what this system has accomplished
Because we are slaves based on a standard decided by the minority
And can you believe that we are outcasts in our own land?
We’ve being taught that our shade of dark is the reason the world is in turmoil
50 shades of dark power
Products are made to make you lighter,

because I’d pick a yellow bone over a beautiful black sister any day, right?

So we have forgotten our identity as children of God
we have being taught that Jesus is a white European who speaks English
Jesus was not white, despite what the children’s bible depicts.
As a matter of fact when the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost and the first church was born,
It was a multiracial, multinational and united church,
Just read Acts 2 if you don’t believe me
Despite the fact that God made the world full of colour, we have chosen to become colour blind

I’m sorry son,
For the crimes that will be committed against you
You may have being born in the land of the free but your skin colour comes at a high price
Because even the police are suspicious of your breathing
“Why are you breathing so heavily? Did you rob someone and run off?”
“Why are you running? Did you escape from prison?”
You won’t even be able to jog in your own neighbourhood without first considering whether you don’t mind being questioned

I’m sorry son,
But you need to understand that you are born a threat because power is frightening to the weak
You are born a crime because the first colonisers labelled you too strong to be free


What do you think?