We teach our children that magic is real but miracles are for crazy people
We proclaim that there are no consequences for their evil acts but good deeds will always be rewarded

We don’t like the idea of a personal omniscience God so we have replaced Him with a so called retarded universe that is only there to give you what you want but turns a blind eye to your sins

Others have even invented karma where what you do to others will be done to you
Although containing a hint of truth, it’s used to justify our thirst for revenge:
Our need to hate and despise those who have wronged us

God is no longer relevant in our conscious
Therefore we have discarded Him from our thrones
and evicted Him from our houses
However when someone breaks in and steal; we look up into the sky and demand an explanation

The lukewarm Christian is even worse
Undecided in his decision to serve God
He sings songs of worship but as soon as death calls
His quick to answer the phone
Too lazy to wage war against sin,
He gladly accommodates the lust, greed and pride that so easily corrupts our minds and trips us over
But when the consequences come
His quick to utter a word of forgiveness and hope for the best

So the question remains:
What will this all lead to?
Aren’t both the atheist and lukewarm heading to the same destination?
God requires total devotion
He was serious about us when He sent His Son to die on the cross for us
So He requires us to be serious when we lay down our lives for His kingdom

However it seems too hard to live for something you cannot see, when your eyes are too focused on the enticing treasures of this world

He wants us to love and forgive just as He does
But we don’t know Him, we just know about Him
Making it easy to agree but when opportunity arises, we declare war on the one at fault

Despite all this, He never gives up on us
He desires to trade our shamefulness for His glory
He wants to take our burdens and give us peace

His blood on the cross was more than enough to pay the debt we accumulated while living in sin

All that remains is our repentance, admitting our wrong
However only those who know their sinners need forgiveness, the rest are already condemned


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