We could never explain it but we all knew, each one of my friends, that there was something beautiful in solitude. Mind you, don’t confuse solitude with isolation, isolation destroys but solitude? It has the ability to renew, to rejuvenate, to enlighten.

The silence allowed you to dig deep within yourself until you came face to face with the core of your being; your Creator. And He reminded you that you are loved, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

And so whenever we came across people who hated being alone, we weeped in earnest silence and protested in awkward stares. We spoke of inner joys that seemed absurd to people who had never had their hearts to themselves.

Until we got through to their soul and they realized that they were enough. Yes, even without good morning texts, MCMs and WCWs nominations we showed them that they were enough. That the journey of love wasn’t to find it, it was to become it.

To gloriously look in the mirror and see love reflected back at you. To sit in an empty room all alone and marvel at how full it was. Yes, we weeped in earnest silence and protested in awkward stares; maybe said a word or two on the importance of singliness until the person experienced a love so great, that they chose to share it with another soul out of love and not loneliness.

What do you think?