I had a friend once, she was a short
shy quiet girl, it didn’t seem like she
had a lot of talent in her but if you
knew her, you would know she was
gifted. Due to her shyness, her talent
was seen by few. She hardly ever spoke
amongst a large group of people.
When I think back on how she was, I
realise that her biggest problem was
not her shyness or that she hid her
TRUE nurture, I realise now that her
biggest loss was that she never fulfilled
her TRUE purpose.

As her coffin was slowly lowered into
the grave, I pondered about what
contribution she made to the earth.
Although she was a good person, she
had respect, never caused trouble or
hurt anyone badly, she never really
made a difference in anybody’s life.
Some of her elders were mentioning
what a sweet girl she was and that was
indeed TRUE. This, however did not
change the world in anyway.

the sand hit the coffin and with each
passing moment I continued thinking.
She didn’t leave anything that she can
be remembered for. When I consider
the life she lived, I realise that she
never lived – she simply existed. God
blessed her with many gifts but she
never used them. she came into this
world full of talent and left with that
talent still in the box, the talent was
never unwrapped and seen by the

Unfortunately she was not the only
one. I realise now that many people go
through the same journey. They come
into this imperfect world and leave it
no better than they found it. My friend
wanted to be a doctor. Her dream was
to help many sick people, a dream she
took to the grave. I could hear that
dream crying out as its last hopes were
buried with her. This is a dream that
will never come to being, a dream the
world will never know.

Miles Munroe once said that a
graveyard is one of the most wealthiest
spot on earth. I never understood
what he meant until I saw the last bit
of sand cover my friend’s coffin. Her
dreams would now become part of
numerous dreams that would never be
known. These dreams could have
brought many inventions, they could
have discovered cures for many
diseases, they could have improved
people’s lives but they will never live.
Finally as the funeral ended.
I noticed  ‎that I was heading through the same
path. So far there was nothing I had
done to make this world a better place.
Like my friend, I was simply existing.
However, unlike her, I still had a
chance to start living. So many dreams
lay barren in the graveyard, I did not
want mine to be one of them. Death is
a tragic thing if you never lived. I did
not want to continue existing, I wanted
to be alive and my friend, through her
death, showed me what it meant to

What do you think?