The knock radiates through the room again. Lounging on the big comfortable chair, I stare at the door. Smoke rises from the bottom of the door. I consider opening it.


However Jesus comes back from the kitchen, two hot cups of hot chocolate in his palms and a huge smile plastered on his face.


“I wouldn’t get that if I were you.”


He casually remarks as He sets the cups on the small round oak table situated in the middle of the room. Sitting on the big blue couch next to me, His eyes seem teary as another knock is heard from the door.


“Don’t you want to have some fun?”


The spine-chilling voice asks on the other side of the door while more smoke slowly floods the room.


“No! I won’t fall for your tricks.”


I declare in a weak voice. Staring at Jesus, I realise that tears are now streaming down his face.


“You know I don’t want you to go but I can’t force you to stay.”


He remarks. He knows my thoughts. My mind says I should open the door. I’m curious about what is on the other side of the door. Rising from my couch I gaze at Jesus’ flushed face.


“I won’t let it stay, I just want to see what “fun” it has.”


As I head for the door, Jesus rises abruptly. I look back. The look in my eyes tell Him my mind is made up.


“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”


He says while wiping a tear. Reaching the door, I hold on to the hot round handle and twist. The door violently swings wide open as it throws me down the ground.


“Sorry about that. Reflexes!”


The devil declares as it steps into the room. Lust, hate and death enter with it.


“You know you should redecorate this room.”


The devil strolls to the kitchen and emerges again a minute later. He has a glass of alcohol in his hand. Picking me up, Lust throws me onto my once comfortable couch, it is now hard and cold. The devil hands me the drink.


Sex sounds fill the room as I turn my head towards the television. Lust is watching porn. Furthermore a picture flies past me and hits the wall, shattering into pieces. Watching while Hate throws my family pictures around; I lose it. Jumping up the couch I scream.


“Get out.”


The devil and three spirits stare at me with grins on their faces.


“His trying to throw us out like he threw out that old man.”


The devil spits. At that moment, I realize that Jesus is not in the room anymore.


“Don’t even try, He is not coming back. Why would He? You threw Him out.”


The devil sneers at me. Grief floods my heart. My legs become weak and I fall back to the couch. Lust plays the television louder meanwhile hate destroys all memories of love.


“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”


A small voice whispers to me.


“I am as close as the sound of my name.”


“Come and help me Jesus.”


I shout. The devil and three spirits fall on their knees at the sound of Jesus. A knock is heard at the door. The whole room becomes silent. I rise to my feet heading for the door and death pounces on me, pinning me to the ground.


“We are not going anywhere.”


It says in its coarse voice. I try and wrestle it off but it’s too strong.


The devils jumps to the door and locks it. My last bit of hope seems to fade away. I lay in the floor with death on top of me.


“Every knee shall bow at the sound of His name.”


A voice echoes these words through my mind


“JESUS.” I shout.


Death is thrown up into the ceiling and falls back to the floor next to me. Lust trembles violently as it knocks the television off the stand. Silence floods the room as the television hits the ground and breaks into a thousand pieces. A knock is heard from the door again. The devil, now on his knees next to me gazes at me with fear on his face.


I crawl towards the door. The devil follows suit. He reaches the door before me.


“You think you can ever fix this mess? You have ruined your life and bringing Him back won’t help you.”


I turn and observe the room. Picture frames are scattered all over the floor with the pictures ripped apart. Beer spills paint the carpet. My brand new flat screen television lies on the ground. A piece of the roof falls onto the small round table, breaking it. Thoughts of failure consume my mind. Death slowly stands up, my end is at hand. With anger in its eyes, it trudges towards me. A knock echoes from the door.


“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”


The voice repeats itself in my mind. Looking towards the door, I realise it is not far away. The devil notices the determination in my eyes. He stands up, I stop. I rise to my feet but fall again as I realise that my left ankle is dislocated. Before I lose all hope; the knock echoes again.


“I can do all things through Jesus Christ my Saviour.”


Tumbling to the floor, the devil and three spirits cry out in pain as the ground opens up and swallows them. Silence settles in the room after the ground closes.


I stare at the mess around me.  The room’s entropy is startling. “I have to clean this before I let Jesus in.” I think. Slowly getting up, I dust myself off. Painfully dragging my feet to the kitchen, I pass the broken television and photos. I reach the kitchen. However as I look into the kitchen I hear a gentle knock from the door.


“I will be there in a second.” I shout weakly.


The kitchen is in no better state than the lounge. Pieces of glasses are scattered all over the floor.  Anxiously grabbing the broom, I quickly start sweeping the devil’s mess. After twenty minutes of cleaning up, I observe the kitchen and realise I have not made any progress. The tap is broken, the dark peach curtains hanging from the small window are torn in half. Right next to the curtains stands an exposed broken microwave, its door is nowhere to be seen and the counter below it is full of scratches. I decide to give up.


Hopping into the lounge with my left leg while dragging the right leg, I use the wall as support. I gaze at the door. With the excruciating pain running through my back and right leg, the door seems to be miles away. Furthermore the mess in the room did not help my journey to the door. It was shocking how 5minutes with the devil can mess up your life this much.


Trying to walk to the door, I fall over. Deciding to crawl instead, I move in the door’s direction. A small white light cracks through the bottom of the door. Pain surges throughout my weak body. However as I reach the white light, my hand seemed to absorb it. The light travels through my body as I feel healing flood my veins.


I jump up. Now full of strength, a smile is plastered on my face. I take two steps. Facing the door, my arm reaches for the door handle. It’s handle is warm and smooth. Light rushes through the walls and floor as I gently open the door. The light blinds my eyes as I cover my face with my right arm.


Finally getting used to the light, I grin at Jesus. He embraces me while entering the room.


What do you think?