I often gaze at this figure in the mirror
This figure, with his focus fixed on me,
Is able to stare into my eyes and soul
yet he is still incapable of defining who I am

you see,
when I look into the mirror
I see this fragile man,
A man who failed to learn how to walk
Yet was thrown into this deep sea of life
Even though swimming was never one of his abilities

When I look into the mirror
I see a broken man,
One who cannot stand up for himself;
So every subtle breeze of confusion tips him over
With no form of balance, everything he touches collapses

When I look into the mirror
I see a stray soul,
(You see,
We may have mapped the entire world and a GPS can get us anywhere we want to go
But when it comes to the map of this man in the mirror,
Even Tom Tom and Google maps would get lost)

When I look into the mirror,
The man who stands before me is crooked, muddled and petrified
Yet despite all his flaws,
He still wakes up every day filled with hope
Because what is unique about this man in the mirror
Is that somewhere along the way in his stumbling and missteps
The Christ found him

The man in the mirror thought living in darkness was normal
Until the light stepped into the room
The man in the mirror thought sin was his nature
Until He discovered the existence of righteousness
The man in the mirror accepted every doctrine as factual
Until the truth was revealed

Now darkness is no longer desired because the light has being seen
Sin is no longer conventional because holiness is known
Righteousness has shown that what was once assumed as man’s nature
Is merely Satan’s nature bred in us

Now the man in the mirror does not naively accept mediocrity
Don’t get me wrong,
He may not be completely healed but he does not remain broken
He may not be completely filled but he does not remain empty
He may not be completely trained but he does not remain an amateur

Now aware of whom the true enemy is,
He remains rooted in Christ
When he is feeble
He remembers that Goliath’s worst nightmare was packaged in a young weak shepherd
in his guilt
He recalls that the author of half of the New Testament was a serial killer when Christ called him
In his inadequate state
He looks back at the stuttering man who tore apart the nation of Egypt and made a dry path through the red sea just by the mere utterance of his words
In his fear
He thinks of the servant woman who saved the entire nation of Israel from genocide

So the man in the mirror rises from his slumber each morning
Assured that the victorious blood of Christ flows within his veins
He fights the battle daily
Confident that it is in the enemy’s nature to fail

Therefore there is no longer condemnation for the man in the mirror
For his broken state was traded for Jesus’ fullness
His lost soul was found on mount Calvary
And He assertively fixes his gaze on the Christ
His flaws can no longer deter him
His emotions can no longer dictate his steps and
His failures no longer define his worth

He never goes broke, because his treasure is not found in his wallet,
He remains certain, for his identity is not found in the opinion of others
For it is no longer Him who lives
But Christ lives in and through Him
So when I look at the man in the mirror
All I see is Jesus my saviour

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