We all make plans, but how often do you make a plan that involves dying and no, I am not talking about suicide

“So here is the plan. I’m going to run into enemy territory unarmed, they will obviously kill me since I’m your leader. I will die, but they will want to parade our defeat so they will carry my body to their HQ.”

“Now this is where I shock them. I will come back to life when everyone is there and their celebrating our defeat, then I will kill them all and we shall get our land back!”

Have you ever had such a plan? Who in their right mind would have a plan after death?

Yet that’s exactly what Jesus did. He was the only man in history who not only came up with a plan that involved Him dying but through that death, He became victorious.

He fixed in three days what the devil had being destroying for more than 5000 years old. How amazing is that?

So how long would He take to fix your life? We serve a God of the impossible.

Our victory always seems like a loss to the world but to God, it’s just the start of great things. Let’s make sure we start the new year Trusting in Him completely.

What do you think?