As she sat up straight, she was bewildered and astonished at how she had gotten this far. At that moment it seemed like all those years had being wasted since it had suddenly occurred without any prior preparations.

She turned her head slightly and stared at the calm sleeping body next to her. Still in shock, she tried justifying their actions, they had, after all promised to marry each other, so opening the gift before the party would not make the party any less fulfilling.

However there was still that gentle conviction that what she had done was indeed wrong. But it was not her fault, she reasoned, it was in fact her boyfriend’s fault. He knew very well that when she was sad, she often makes impulsive decisions.

Despite all those excuses though, there was a loud voice of condemnation streaming in her ears. She curled up back into the covers, her sobs hardly audible. As she lay there, she tried recounting what led to this loss of purity.

It was not unusual for her boyfriend to come visit her, it had even become a habit of him spending the weekend with her. Although they often almost went over the edge when making out, they always managed to stop before things progressed further. However last night was completely different, since she was in a bad space, he decided to stay a little longer and his comforting words seemed to lighten up her mood.

Now all that led to her losing one of her most precious gifts from God. The bed shifted a bit, she hastily turned towards him, but he was still sleeping. As she gazed at him, a hint of anger which quickly escalated into resentment filled her heart. How could he do this to her? She thought, all she wanted was someone by her side so she would not have to be alone.

Furthermore she now had to deal with an uncertain future, how was she going to face her cell? How would she still teach purity to her friends when she had lost hers? It all seemed hopeless, she had acted rashly and now she had to face the consequences of her actions. To make matters worse, since they never planned on having sex, they didn’t even use protection.


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