‎Although I did not come up with the main idea or the moral, I thought I should write a story about IT because it conveys the state of man’s mentality. ENJOY THE STORY!

Dressed in his black suit with a bright white shirt, he looked like the CEO of a big company going to an important meeting. He kissed his wife and children goodbye before leaving the house.

When he reached his old worn out family car, he sighed; after today he knew he wouldn’t be driving this car for long. Checking the time while exiting the drive way, he was glad to see he had an hour to get to the interview.

It was a particularly important interview. After being retrenched from his last job due to the instability of the economy, he had spent months looking for a job. Fortunately he was taught how to save money from a young age so his savings were able to maintain the needs of the family and pay off some of the bills.

However He had to overlook certain pleasures he and his family enjoyed like Friday movie night. Although the wife was understanding, the children, with their limited wisdom of this world, could not comprehend the seriousness of the situation but accepted whatever they were told.

Unfortunately for him, as he reached the inner city, the streets resembled freight trains with the carriages disconnected because there was a long stretch of cars all in a hurry to get somewhere but all moving at the pace of an elderly woman. He became anxious, if he was late for the interview, it would be a terrible first impression. He knew he should have listened to his jolly children when they joked about him going to the company and camping there a day before the interview in order to be punctual.

The traffic proceeded by slowly as the traffic lights ordered the cars to move and stop with the authority of an army general. Fortunately, the building where the interview would be conducted was just two streets ahead. However it took nearly half an hour to cover that short distance.

His nerves calmed as he drove out of the street and into the parking lot but like a rubber ball, shot back up when he saw the packed parking lot. There seemed to be no spot to park. He considered leaving the car in the middle of the road but was too afraid of the possibility of closing in the car of an important person in the company.

After wandering around the parking lot and passing the same spot for the fourth time, he decided to turn to the only man he knew could help him. Not knowing where to start, he just blabbered out the first thoughts that surfaced from his mind.

“Uhm Jesus. I know I haven’t been to church for a while or spoken to you but you know how it is, sorry about that but I’m busy trying to pay the bills and run a family. Today I have a great opportunity to change my life, help me.”

As he made the turn for the fifth time, his anxiety seemed to possess a hint of anger as if to blame God for his predicament. Nonetheless he continued wandering like a man in the desert in search of water. He made one last plea.

“OK maybe I chose not to go to church or pray to you but you haven’t been very supportive of my life. I promise that if I get a parking spot, I will donate to that charity I always ignore, I will go to church every Sunday and even give 10%. Lord if You just answer this prayer I will teach my children the Bible.”

As he went on making promises not even a monk would make, he spotted a parking spot just ahead of him. Although he remembered there had been a black sedan the last time he passed here, he was just too joyful to rationalise the situation.

He smiled when he realised he still had seven minutes left. As he drove to the spot, he glimpsed up into the bright blue sky and loudly uttered.

“Never mind all those things I said God, I found a parking spot!”

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