The story of the Story-teller

I write stories. Let’s start there. Stories I feel need to be told. I write stories about love, about truth, about rape and forgiveness, loss, guilt and freedom. And although the first three words of this paragraph may be truth in all its essence, they are not a fact.

I write perspectives. You see, I’ve met a lot of victims in my life and I’ve encountered a couple of villains along my journey of becoming a story-teller. However, without fail, I’ve always told the story from the victim’s perspective. Hence the change in the opening sentence.

I write the victim’s story. I write about their experiences as seen in the night she almost lost. Or the emotional turmoil they endure as portrayed in diary of an uncertain miss. It’s not because I feel sorry for the victim, I just seek to give them a voice, a platform they can speak from.

I believe that a victim with a voice can learn to shed these identities imposed on him/her by society. The failed matriculant can learn to fight again if he is aware of his situation, the raped girl can learn to live again if she realises that her dignity can be restored. And all of this can be accomplished by sharing your story and being vulnerable in a world that sees transparency as a weakness.

It’s important to give people a new perspective.