The Valley of the dry bones
An amazing story found in Ezekiel 37…
I used to read it and think the Israelites were stupid, until recently 

A friend asked a while back, 
“Alphie, if we serve such a great God, then why are our lives such a mess?”
“We struggle in our academics, in our finances, in our relationships and even to wake up early in the morning and thank this great God for yet another day to live”

That question hit me like a train traveling at 180ks per hour 

Because the church has become a mummy that tries to cover up its dead state by wrapping itself in meaningless religious acts so that we can please a God that looks at the heart behind the action,
Well, it seems the blood has stopped pumping into this heart

The church is no better than the deceased Egyptian pharos who cover themselves in perfume and take as much wealth as they can when they die so that they can be rich in the “afterlife”
But God says that our treasure should be stored in heaven 

We laugh at their logic and called them crazy for attempting to buy their way into heaven when we follow the exact same formula they did

Are you hearing me?
Is there still any similarity between the church in the book of Acts and the 21st century church? 
When even I read the book and think, “Wow, this guy’s were amazing, I wish we were like that!”

What has happened church? 
How did we get to this point where we are nothing but one of the Devil’s puppets? 
Hell doesn’t even tremble at our gatherings anymore 
they rejoice 
Because the most we ever do is come together on a Sunday, lock ourselves in this bricks of prison cells, shout out to God with a voice of “triumph” Then live the rest of the week with a defeated  spirit 

We are weak,
Yet we put up this facade of  a healthy and vibrant church that measures itself by the number of souls we apparently win weekly yet there are so few disciples 

We cheer at the large crowds we are able to convince to enter this building but the last time I checked, 
The same crowd that was cheering Jesus and calling Him the king when He entered Jerusalem was screaming, “Crucify Him!” a few days later while dragging him out of Jerusalem ‎

Where do you fall?
Every person in the bible is either there as an example or warning 
When history speaks of us years from now, which category will we be in?
Is the church likened to King Saul who feared man more than God or are we men after God’s own heart like His successor? 
Are we the prophets of Baal who prayed to an imaginary god or are we like Elijah who, in trusting God, brought fire from the sky? 

What has happened church? 
The blood was shed so that we may have life in abundance yet our hearts have been in cardiac arrest for so long. 
When was the last time your heart broke because you passed a homeless man and didn’t have enough money to buy him bread and milk? 

And we claim we are OK. 
I mean, we have given our lives to Christ when we went to the front right? 
Well then show me the proof of Christ’s presence in your life 

The word says that we are more than conquerors 
I bet 90% of us here struggle to conquer our warm comfortable beds in the morning, 
if something as simple as a bed of sheet can prevent you from starting your day productively in the morning, then how in the world are you a conqueror? never mind “more than” a conqueror ‎

Let me stop complaining, 
For even the book of Lamentations was shorter than this rambling‎

So where to from here?
The church needs to get real 
We are dead,
Those bones in Ezekiel 37 aren’t just describing the state of Isreal at that time but they are talking about us

Just ask David, who bravely stood before the giant while the whole army of Israel stood back in fear 
Or Elijah who challenged 400 men to a duel while the rest of Israel followed Baal blindly 
Do you remember Peter who, on the first day of receiving the Holy Spirit, populated heaven with 3000 souls 
and this was the same dude who denied the Lord a month earlier 

Are you convicted yet?
Let us stop putting bandages over a wound that needs surgery 
The church needs a blood donor
Let’s go back to His cross in order  to live again
Because when the world is finally in ruin, 
We, the body of Christ, will be the only hope they have 
but how will we give them something we do not possess?

Let us wake up everyday and make a conscious decision to be more than conquerors 
Because we have been chosen for such a time as this
Not to become like the world 
But to make the world like Jesus 

Ezekiel did as he was commanded and those bones came to life, 
Will you listen to the spirit of God so that you may live once again?

What do you think?