When a relationship fails to change with the seasons...

She left in June
Left my heart cold like the winter
I used to be her only one, now
I’m the only one left in this frozen ship
We drifted off into icy territory and our relationship sank like the Titanic

Now Jack descends into the ocean floor with tears that will never be seen
Because He couldn’t hold onto Rose any more

Not even Spring could bring this love back to life
As the trees blossomed once again,
escaping the Prison of dormancy
We remained locked away with no strength to spring back to life; to love – to live

The birds joyous songs of life sounded like mourning,
Mourning for a life that lasted as long as the winter snow
We could no longer take flight or reproduce like nature had

So when summer came with applications of harvest
We missed the interview;
Still stuck in a frozen state that was months behind the schedule
Nature prepared to give birth to the next generation while we would prepare to die out with no heirs

Even Jesus left His life in the heart of people because He knew no heir would succeed Him
Yet we failed to plan that far,
The only thing we planned for was Failure

Binge eating on the moments, the xoxo, the i heart you and forgetting that love was more than that
I guess we can take a lesson from the ants –
no leader yet they knew that Summer was not going to be permanent, that a time is coming When it won’t just be food in abundance and shiny bright blue skies
So they don’t immediately eat everything they collect

When the honeymoon phase finally ended
So did the chemical reactions that brought us together
It was love at first sight but too many sites diminished it
Until it began to fall like the Autumn leaves
We fell into love but it was a shallow grave – so we quickly got out
The rain that was meant to nourish us stopped,
The fruits of our love ran out and there was no seed to plant for the next season

Left bare as all our lives dried up, we became shades of shame and fell to the floor,
Blown away by Autumn winds that prepare the ground for the cold season

I left her heart cold like the winter
Our love;
Seemed like nothing more than a banter

Because we were no better together

What do you think?