“Come, I want to show you something.” I told her as I grabbed her hand and we hurried to the other side of campus. Unable to keep up with my strides, she broke free and stopped. I came to a halt and turned around. With arms crossed and her hips leaning to the side, she gave me a stern look.

“Not all of us are tall you know.” She declared firmly, knowing full well that we have had this conversation before. I smirked, apologised for my lack of patience and kindly asked her to take a walk with me. She accepted. We strolled to our destination; the Natural Science building. Entering the lift, I pressed the number 5 button. Her curiosity finally bubbled to the surface.

“Alright Alphie, why are we going to the top floor.” a smirk formed as I looked at her. The elevator comes to a stop and opens. I walked out without answering her, she followed. We walked down a short corridor before we reached a flight of stairs heading up.

“I thought we were on the last floor.” She said in confusion.

“You don’t know campus that well hey!” I told her as we climbed the stairs. “This place is full of surprises if you take the time to explore it.” We reached an old wooden door with a warning sign about radiation on the other side. She looks at me. I smiled once again, took out a key from my bag and unlocked the door.

“Come!” I said, sensing her hesitancy. She just stood there. “You will love it, trust me.” I grabbed her hand and we went through the door.

“Wow, it’s amazing Alphie.” She uttered in astonishment. We were on the roof top. It was mostly occupied by huge vents and what I assume were generators. On one side of the roof was another flight of stairs. We climbed them and got to another door. I turned the handle and it opened.

It was a dark room, with the only form of light entering through the door with us. In the middle stood a low round table and right above it was a wide round opening that looked like a chimney that was built a bit too big. On the left side of the room was a disk with holes attached to the wall. A white board with wheels stood next to the wall.

“What is this place?” She asked. “It’s the Camera Obscure. Watch this.” I said as I walked to the table, put my hands into the hole on top and after fumbling inside, my hands emerged with a rope. I lean back and pull it. Light suddenly spills on to the round table. The further I pull, the more the light starts resembling an image. Satisfied with my effort, I tie the rope to a bar next to the table.

“Wait, this is outside.” Her astonished tone of voice yells of excitement. She gazed at the table and noticed the Humanities building on the other side of campus. Pointing at the table, she shrieked in excitement.

“How did you do this man?” She shouts. “Well it’s just reflecting light so we can see all around campus.” I answered while turning the rope around the table, therefore turning the view of campus projected on the table as well.

“Wow, Jonathan would love this.” She says, referring to her boyfriend. I chuckle.

“He would, wouldn’t he?”

“Yeah. I will bring him here.” She responded, her eyes firmly fixed on the table. She noticed my silence then looks up. I’m still smiling. She smirked.

“Alphie, why are you still single?” She asked quietly.

“Because you are taken.” I answered in a whisper. We both laugh.

“You are such a great guy, you should never even be single.” She said, now being serious.

“Maybe a great guy needs a great girl to compliment him and not just anyone.” I respond.

“I know but I’m sure there are lots of great girls out there. You are just picky. I mean, look at me and Jonathan. We weren’t exactly compatible at first but now we are perfect for each other.” I just looked at her, finding her reasoning cute.

“You get to build your castle with your king. My queen will most probably arrive to a complete, fully furnished castle. Either way, our journeys will never be the same.” I say calmly, now deep in thought.

“You just had to go all deep on me.” She said while laughing.

“You could have just said that you don’t mess with this insecure girls.” She winked at me. I chuckled. Checking the time, I realised that we are late for our next class. Quickly closing the Camera Obscure, we rushed out and ran to our lecture.

What do you think?