There is this phenomenon called suicide
That snatches lives from such precious souls
Robbing many off their prosperous future

I’m here to tell you that
Although we may have the anxiety of 20th century psychiatrists hospital patients
that should never leave us anxious to taste the bitter poison of death
For no antidote is found in the grave

Therefore never find a
permanent “solution”
to a temporary problem
After all, you wouldn’t abandon the journey because of a drizzle
or sell your car because of a small scratch

Life is precious, priceless
it was proven when a Father lost His only Son in order to find every other lost soul.
So do we dare to question the significance of our lives
even though someone paid such a price?

No problem is too big to overcome
No challenge too great,
for every situation is personally tailored to meet your abilities
it’s existence in your life, is proof that you can handle it

Just ask the man who, for 27 years, called those prison walls home
or the multimillionaire talk show host who was once a hopeless prostitute
Every circumstance is there to build us

Heaven finds no pleasure in the death of a still full spirit
For death is reserved for only those who have lived
Even the boy begging at the intersection has greatness locked withing those starving ribs

Suicide is never an option
Never ask, “why me?”
God saw the challenge fit for you
He knew the potential growth in the circumstance
It may seem like there is no life
but the stars shine the brightest in the dark night sky
So Why not you?

What do you think?