I have scoured the seven seas
I have discovered priceless treasures in places conceived in dreams

I have traveled through the depths of the cosmos
Uncovering the numerous mysteries hidden in the vast open space

I have ventured into more continents than Columbus and all the great travellers that came before him could ever imagine reaching

I have encountered countless cultures all over the world
I have met people of diverse languages, race and nationality
I have discovered that despite our differences;

we are all equally significant

I have learned of the infinite possibilities of change I can implement in my community and country
I have equipped myself with the tools of impact
I have being educated in the schools
I have trained in the workforce
I have experienced in the field

Each and every morning
I rise from my slumber
Renewed for another adventure in to the infinite world
Another encounter with famous people of past, present and future
Another lesson in the journey of human existence

As I head to my launch pad full of books down the road in the local primary school
I know that the vast knowledge of the internet is my navigation system
and the wisdom of those experienced in the choices of life are my tools of discernment

Without ever leaving this walls; I have being to everywhere without limits!
Engulfed in my thirst for knowledge
Time has become a myth
and impossible, just a foreign word
I am the great Traveller‎

What do you think?