The other day I saw someone being interviewed in the news. He was waiting in line to See Madiba lying in state. When asked what he thought About Madiba, he remarked how Madiba was not just another human being. According to him, Mandela was an ‘extraordinary human being like no other. He did what no one else could.’

Although, to a certain extent, I agreed with this man, there was something that struck me about how people view the humble yet bold Nelson Mandela. People see him as this super hero who came to earth to save us. That couldn’t be more wrong than a right shoe on the left foot.

When I look At Madiba, I don’t see a Man any better or more special than the rest of us. Please don’t stop reading just because you disagree; hear me out. Mandela had a dream like the rest of us however what makes him unique is that his dream produced action. Most of us just manage the first step of success: which is to dream, any further action never crosses our minds.

However, Mandela made his dream a reality. He not only worked hard to achieve his dream, he sacrificed everything. Most people fail even to sacrifice sleep for that dream. Look closely at All Mandela lost; he ran away from home, his first wife left him, he had to go to exile, he spent a third of his life behind bars, he never had the chance to raise his children and the list goes on. What are we willing to sacrifice to achieve our goals and dreams? Even Facebook is more important to us than our future.

Yet we look at this great icon and wish we had what he had. But we do. We have everything we need to change the world even more than Madiba could. The question is, are we confident that our dreams can produce action?

You can have the design for the world’s most energy efficient building in the world but if you never build the building, you are no better than an ignorant man. That is what makes Mandela unique, he had no special formula; all he did was act upon his dream. So stop envying the man, he is no better than you.

Do you want to be great like him? Do you want to change the world? Then dream more when you are awake than when you’re sleeping. Act on your dreams, don’t let them die in your thoughts. Stand for what you believe in. Sacrifice all that is necessary to achieve that dream. Be persistent, 27 years was a long time. Your dream should make the world a better place, not just your life. Most of all, know that although nothing is impossible, anything worth doing, will never be easy – endurance is key.

So get off your sofa, act on your dream. Any habits, friends or thoughts that are not in line with your dream must go. Never forget that if you can dream it, you can do it, if you can do it, you will achieve it. Don’t believe me? Just look At Mandela’s life!

What do you think?