I’ve learnt that time doesn’t heal the wounds, all it does is just pass.
It can’t diminish the pain either!
The pain remains,
it’s just that, over the course of time, the pain makes itself comfortable in our hearts

We learn to accept it and even accommodate it
and overtime we become numb to it as it shapes our character – our personality.
The pain unconsciously makes decisions on our behalf and directs us;

Not long after we accept it and embrace it
it becomes our identity,
who we are and who we think we will always be
When a way of healing presents itself, we reject it because we are so comfortable with the familiar that the unknown terrifies us;;
Peace becomes a distant memory

Just look at the man who attained his success because he wanted to show his primary school bullies that he wasn’t a loser.
What about the girl who can’t help but break every guy’s heart because her father first broke her’s when he left,
Or the woman who finds her worth in her achievements because she believed every person that told her she was ugly
Or the man who strives to make everyone happy because he never had anyone to make him smile

Isn’t it all just symptoms of pain?
Of worn out paths paved by disappointment and hurt?

But despite all this,
healing is still possible
If hurt people hurt people,
Then healed people must restore broken souls

Isn’t that the whole point of Jesus?
He is whole so He can complete us;
He was never insecure so we can find true security in Him
He personally knows our Creator so true creativity is found in Him

I don’t know if you are a Christian or atheist,
Hindu or still searching
But what I do know is this;

When I met Christ, I was incomplete yet He made me whole
He found me lost and led me down the right path
I had being pursuing happyness my whole life but He freely gave me eternal joy

Although the scars remain, the heart has being restored
And the mind renewed!
Because He promised that He is the author and finisher of my Faith
So I trust Him fully,
Knowing that He is perfecting me daily

What do you think?