She was often vulnerable yet her guard was never down
she’d make you feel at home without opening her heart to you

a welcome mat that led to the backyard of her heart instead of the lounge
But I wasn’t like all the others who camped on the lawn of her heart
My uniqueness was evident from how I convinced her to let me in


Most would be overjoyed to be in the lounge of a heart that had only occupied it’s owner for two decades
Yet that was not enough


Like a curious toddler exploring a new world
I ventured into rooms that weren’t suitable for minors
I wanted to open closets that contained skeletons that had been tucked neatly into place a lifetime ago


Exploring her heart exposed my vulnerabilities
It wasn’t her who did not let anyone in,
It was I who always had my guard up


The deeper I went into her veins, the more I realised that I could never treat her right
When my own heart had the walls of Jericho surrounding it


Although that was only a precautionary measure to prevent pain,
I unknowingly locked out Love as well
Abandoned my emotions in order to grasp a superficial state of happiness that would never wither
Like the rose of love I had tried to grow years ago


She taught me that pain is simply a sibling of love
And that if I wanted to love her to eternity,
I would have to make room for the whole family


Quite a huge stride considering that my heart was a dormant mansion
That was unfamiliar to the scent of a woman
and the footsteps of love and pain


So I March around this walls daily,
praying to God that they may fall
so she can make my heart, her home

What do you think?