What if a relationship could be captured on a picture? Would it be a Kodak moment or just a badly developed picture?

Ours would be in the fictional category

Yet to those who only watch from the side lines
Our story is a work of art
That paints the picture of a perfect relationship
A paragon of what true love can produce

However the art of love is a craft we never quite mastered
But we sure did put on the facade of the perfect couple
Simply because we were “anagkazo” to being one

If pictures could tell stories
Ours would be a fairy tale
I would be your knight in shining armor and you would be the damsel in distress
But truth be told,
This knight would not be slaying any dragons
nor saving any princess’

If pictures could tell stories
Ours would speak of the laughters we shared
But never mention the constant conflicts
It would portray the romance
and crop out the heart breaks
The lovey dovey instances would be center stage
While all the pain and mistrusts would be filtered out

we have become accustomed to the image of a perfect union
even though this will never be a Kodak moment

If pictures could tell stories
Ours would be as fake as those selfies
on instagram
So please never nominate us for an unedited picture
of this relationship
Because The truth is nothing to tweet about

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Anagkazo – necessitate, compel, drive to, constrainby force, threats, etc.by permission, entreaties, etc.by other means

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