We are like the moon
Although we may influence the waves
We may be a wonder to many
And may give direction to the lost
Or indicate a time of change

We are only known by those who dare to look up
We are only seen not because we are great
But simply because we reflect the Son’s light

Without the Son,
We are just an obscure ball of frozen rock
Spinning around in darkness
Giving no direction or bringing no hope

Yet when we freely receive the light fully
We become the full moon
That leaves many in awe

We become that large whole in the sea of darkness that follows every car around

When we fully receive the Son,
We reflect His splendour –
when people think He has abandoned us
For the other side

For without the Son, there is no life!
Many may doubt that
But right after sunset
We appear in His light;
Just to remind the masses
That the Son is not far off‎

What do you think?