diary of an uncertain miss 6

The 6th chapter has arrived. Now that Angela knows that the man of her dreams raped her best friend, what will she do? Click on the link to find out Read more ›

The death of Suicide

There is this phenomenon called suicide That snatches lives from such precious souls Robbing many off their prosperous future I’m here to tell you that Although we may have the anxiety of 20th century psychiatrists hospital patients that should never Read more ›


Clouded with persistent thoughts of love-life-lies! my engaged mind stirs vague emotions that are foreign to my young, fragile and strained heart As if a heavy burden rests upon my unversed wisdom, I confuse lust with love! Infatuation is considered Read more ›


There’s something about words that intrigues me How you can change lives by the mere utterance of your voice With the right words, A lost soul finds guidance Words have the power to create heroes And birth villains They can Read more ›


We teach our children that magic is real but miracles are for crazy people We proclaim that there are no consequences for their evil acts but good deeds will always be rewarded We don’t like the idea of a personal Read more ›


The scene around me was unbelievable. A long queue of people stood in front of me, likewise behind me. Nothing but white could be seen around me; the white emptiness extended as far as the eye could see. Up ahead Read more ›

The Knock

The knock radiates through the room again. Lounging on the big comfortable chair, I stare at the door. Smoke rises from the bottom of the door. I consider opening it. However Jesus comes back from the kitchen, two hot cups Read more ›

diary of an uncertain miss 5

Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1 Thank you for reading. I bang on Ndivuwho’s door in frustration. After trying to get a hold of her for the past hour, I finally decided to just come to her commune. Read more ›